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As a Digital Designer on the Growth team at Canva, I was responsible for designing landing pages that corresponded to popular design-related search terms. Working closely with the SEO team, I designed landing pages that marketed Canva as the best choice for specific design tasks. One of the highest global search terms was "graph maker" and "create a graph." Given that Canva offers a robust and visually appealing graph feature, my task was to design a landing page that would convert viewers into users who create a design and eventually become loyal users.

This project took several months to research, user test, and build. The result of our efforts was a Graph Maker landing page that appeared as the top result on Google's search engine. This landing page brought in over 280,900 monthly organic traffic, making it a significant source of traffic for Canva.

Tools Used: Figma,

The hero section is designed to convert with a strong CTA. I also added social proof using company logos after it performed better during user testing.
I worked with the content writer to create 6 main selling points that will convince users to try Canva for their graph needs.
I worked with the content writer to highlight how simple the graph making process is with Canva.
I highlighted the main highlights of the graph features of Canva.
This was the most time consuming part -- researching how people use graphs. Working with the SEO team and user research, we grouped the graphs into 6 main categories (Comparisons, Trends, Proportions, Relationships, Project Management, Graphic Organizer). I also created the icons to represent each graph type.
I sourced the best Canva templates for each Chart type to get people started with the design.
User testing shows that Social Proof worked better, so I added 4 real testimonials of existing Canva users.
The result is a high performing landing page that brings in over 250,000 of organic traffic to Canva every month.